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Welcome to Wednesday Wisdom

Welcome to the first entry of “Wednesday Wisdom”. In order to give the blog more consistency I’ll be dishing out wisdom each Wednesday. This mainly includes links to podcasts, blogs, and YouTube videos I’m interested in that week. I’ll give a brief explanation of why I chose the particular pieces and what I took away form them. If there’s a topic on my mind that day I’ll also throw in some original commentary. The main goal is to give you key takeaways from what I find interesting during the week while also providing links for further learning.

Blog Post of the Week

6 Things Every Person Should Recover From Daily

This post is actually from February 16th but it just showed up on my Medium timeline this week so I’ve decided to include it. It is by far my favorite read of the year and I recommend everyone sit down and read it all the way through. The author Benjamin Hardy dives into six things we need to recover from each day:

  1. Work
  2. Technology
  3. People
  4. Food
  5. Fitness
  6. Being awake

We need to do a better job of recovering from different areas of our life, we’re too focused on go go go. The biggest takeaway I had from this is that learning to unplug and limit distractions is especially important for the “always on” generation. I used to work with a bartender who had a great corporate job which he quit to bartend because he was expected to respond to emails at any time during the day. With smartphones we no longer work 9-5, those are our office hours and we’re expected to be available outside of those hours as well. We need to seriously consider whether impressing our boss by being “always on” is more important than our quality of life, just look at the research behind detaching :

  • Less work-related fatigue and procrastination
  • Far greater engagement at work, which is defined as vigor, dedication, and absorption (i.e., “flow”)
  • Greater work-life balance, which directly relates to quality of life
  • Greater marital satisfaction
  • Greater mental health

While the main focus of the article was decompressing from work, there are also 5 other areas of our life we need to recover from. Smartphone addiction is becoming real, they are an extension of ourselves (I wrote about the issue here). Scheduling time to ditch technology and be present is a prescription we could all use. I feel I do an adequate job in the other areas but definitely check out the article and learn more about recovering from people, food, fitness, and even being awake.

Podcast of the Week

Malcolm Gladwell on the Bill Simmons Podcast

As a huge sports fan, Bill Simmons is a must listen. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend him as “podcast as the week” because it’s just an informative and fun hour of sports talk, nothing that will make you think.

However, this week he’s joined by Malcolm Gladwell (who just launched Season 2 of his podcast “Revisionist History”). Nobody does a better job of blending sports, politics, and philosophy than Malcolm.

During this podcast he talks about how millennials are known for switching jobs frequently so why should we expect anything less from our sports stars? (in reference to LeBron’s “decision”) He gets into how NBA Free Agency has parallels to the politics as we’re being exposed to more steps in the decision making process, drawing us in further. Then him and Bill talk at length about how the NFL’s concussion problem is much worse than anyone is making it out to be and even the Bill Maher controversy and how it distracts us from the real issues.

If you’re at all interested in the current state of sports and tying it in with our society, give this episode a listen.

YouTube Video of the Week

The video of the week is a select episode of “The Daily Creative” by Chase Jarvis.  Chase is one of the most recognizable and successful photographers of our generation who now focuses his efforts on his podcast and YouTube channel. He is a big inspiration of mine and he recently has launched his YouTube show where he takes calls from his viewers and gives advice that we can all apply. This particular episode will be helpful to some of my viewers because he talks about navigating college and how to handle it if you aren’t quite sure what your calling is yet.

My reasoning for including this video is that I’m actually going to be featured on an episode soon! I called in my question months ago and early last week his production guy sent me a text saying he wanted me to ask it live on the show (they’ve previously never done a live question). I called in and they recorded the whole thing and of course Chase gave me amazing advice. I’ll create a separate post when the episode drops but for now check out the episodes released thus far.


That’s it for Wednesday wisdom, expect a new one each week as I’ll be on the lookout for more great content. Fill out the form below to be added to the email list, I have some great things planned with that.

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